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Laser Dentistry

Laser DentistryAt Rudnick Dentistry, the latest in dental innovations help us provide experiences in oral health and well-being that are precise and comfortable. Laser dentistry in our Palm Beach Gardens dental practice has greatly changed the way our guests feel about getting the thorough dental care they need and deserve without the need for invasive tools and procedures.

Laser dentistry makes dental treatment more exact and relaxing, with virtually pain-free experiences and reduced recovery times. The use of a soft-tissue laser has replaced many of the conventional dental tools, and has become a useful innovation in many areas of dentistry. Dr. Rudnick may implement laser dentistry in treatments that were only possible with a scalpel in the past, including periodontal therapy, root canal therapy and gum contouring procedures.

Your comfort and healing time is maximized any time laser dentistry is used. During our laser treatments, soft tissue has the ability to begin healing itself while being treated. Often, so little discomfort is involved during any laser dental treatment that other relaxation techniques such as sedation dentistry or nitrous are unneeded.

At Rudnick Dentistry, we are committed to providing the most high-tech tools and services available in today’s dental care. Laser dentistry in our Palm Beach Gardens dental office is just another way we make this possible. For cutting-edge family and cosmetic dentistry, visit Dr. Rudnick at Rudnick Dentistry.


Dr. Rudnick provides laser dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens near West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and the surrounding areas.

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