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New You Dentures

Are you unhappy with the look and fit of your denture? New You Dentures, in West Palm Beach, takes denture making to the next level. Not only do they replace your missing teeth, but they also help achieve optimum jaw muscle and bite function. This means you look and feel better than ever.

Flawless Fit.

Dr. Andrew Rudnick has been trained in New You Dentures by the globally renowned Las Vegas Institute. His hours of training prove he possesses the skill to create dentures that will fit seamlessly into your smile. Not only do New You Dentures by Dr. Rudnick replace your missing teeth, they compensate for bone deterioration. No more sunkenin smiles!

New You Dentures vs. Traditional & Economy Dentures.

The amount of customization of New You Dentures far surpasses traditional and economy dentures. When we fabricate your New You Denture, we take a neuromuscular approach, meaning we consider factors such as jaw bone deterioration and occlusion (bite). By analyzing these factors, your New You Dentures give you a youthful new smile. Some patients even say they look 10 years younger!

New You Dentures, in West Palm Beach, are well worth the investment. If you have any questions about insurance or financing, our staff is happy to answer your questions.

Is It Time To Replace Your Denture?

If you are ready to replace to  your denture, New You Dentures could be the best option for you. Some common signs your denture needs replacing are:

  • Loose teeth
  • Ill-fitting or loose denture
  • Sore spots on gums
  • “Sunken-in” smile

For a more attractive, comfortable and functional smile, contact Rudnick Dentistry and schedule your New You Denture consultation today!

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