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Three Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentists use varying techniques and methods to promote healthy oral habits and improve overall oral appearance. Patients seek cosmetic dentists to fix cracked, chipped, missing, or discolored teeth. These highly educated and trained dentists use the latest advancement in dental technology to perfect beautiful smiles and gum health such as teeth whitening, dental bonding, dental implants and porcelain veneers. Palm Beach Gardens dentists such as Andrew Rudnick DMD, are on the cutting edge of oral health combing art and technology to preserve natural teeth and gum.

Trend # 1: Dental Implants

Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to replace missing teeth and are considered long-term replacements and healthier choices over dentures or partials. Palm Beach cosmetic dentists consider the health and history of patients before determining types of dental implants to insert. Smokers and patients with a history of diabetes are taken into careful consideration when assessing the health benefits and success rate of an implant to gum cultivation. Cosmetic dentists take precautious measures by using advancement-scanning devices to screen for abnormalities and continue placing the appropriate dental materials.

Trend # 2: Dental Veneers

Palm Beach cosmetic dentist Dr. Andrew Rudnick, uses tooth-colored porcelain veneers to close gaps, correct discolored and chipped teeth, change the shape of teeth, and guard the root of a tooth from being exposed.  Dr Andrew Rudnick takes extra care to smooth applications for a clear and clean appearance for patients. For examples, please visit our smile gallery.

Trend # 3: Teeth Whitening

Patients top cosmetic dentistry procedure of choice to correct teeth discoloration effects due to smoking, alcohol, certain foods, aging, and poor oral hygiene. Dr Rudnick takes additional care assessing patients candidacy for teeth whitening due to ongoing lifestyle choices and determining current state of discoloration. Dentists offer two techniques such as take home tooth whiteners and office whitening procedures.

Long-term Cosmetic Dentistry Care

Patients are benefiting from cosmetic dentistry more than ever as these specialists concentrate in varying degrees of general dental surgery and are able to reduce patient referrals and trips to different orthodontic specialists.  This form of dentistry ensures long-term oral care and improved hygiene under the direct supervision and care of dentists. Palm Beach cosmetic dentist Dr Andrew Rudnick implements the latest dental technology to remain current and provide optimal service to Palm Beach residents to improve beautiful and confident smiles.