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Is Invisalign Right For You?

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Having straight, vibrant teeth is important for the vitality and beauty of your smile. With Invisalign by certified Palm Beach Gardens dentist, Dr. Rudnick, you can have a straighter, healthier smile in little time and without the need for unsightly metal brackets.

The advantages of the Invisalign system are numerous. Many people would rather live with crooked teeth than entertain the thought of living with silver, painful braces for two years or more. The clear Invisalign system was created to introduce much-needed aesthetics to the field of orthodontics. This system also allows its wearers to brush and floss as they normally would, reducing the chances of staining and decay that often occur with traditional braces. Food and drink limitations are not necessary; if patients wish to eat or drink foods that may interfere with the braces, they can simple remove the retainer.

The disadvantages of the Invisalign system are practically non-existent. Patients who do not wear the retainers as directed may not see the results they desired. And patients with sensitive teeth and/or gums may feel some discomfort when they switch to a new retainer. These problems are certainly minor and rare, and all patients say the benefits far outweigh any problems.

Invisalign gently straightens teeth using custom-fit clear trays that fit perfectly over the teeth. The trays fit snugly and comfortably, making them virtually unnoticeable to you or others. By wearing the trays, only removing them when need for eating or hygiene, you can have a straighter, more perfect smile in around 12 months.

Creating your customized Invisalign treatment begins with a workup of digital photos and x-rays completed in Dr. Rudnick’s office. Impressions will be taken of your upper and lower teeth, and a mold will be made. All of these materials will be used to perfectly design your Invisalign custom-fit aligners, and provide us with a preview of what your end results may look like.

About every two weeks, you’ll be provided with new aligners. The aligners will move your teeth, little by little, until the desired results are accomplished.

Invisalign’s popularity may also be attributed to the fact that most people won’t even notice your clear braces, and the braces won’t interrupt your busy lifestyle. At your free initial consultation in Palm Beach Gardens, Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Rudnick will discuss Invisalign braces with you, and, together, you can decide if this is what you’re looking for.

Invisalign offers comfort and convenience, and anonymity. No one will notice you are undergoing cosmetic dentistry work, because your teeth will move gradually

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