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We care, not only about your teeth but also about you as an individual and your overall well-being. At Rudnick Dentistry, we know the importance of acting fast to repair your teeth due to the positive effect it will have on your oral health. But did you know visiting the dentist as soon as possible could actually save you money? It’s true! Seeing our expert restorative dentist as soon as you detect an issue could significantly reduce future health problems.

Our experienced Palm Beach Gardens dentist will work together with you to help prevent oral health issues and keep your teeth healthy and looking amazing.

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Our Restorative Services

An older woman with dentures and Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens
Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens includes New You Dentures

New You Dentures

Replace your missing teeth and improve your optimum jaw muscle and bite function. New You Dentures are designed to fit flawlessly and compensate for bone deterioration, so no more sunken smiles.

Dr. Rudnick has been trained in New You Dentures at the esteemed Las Vegas Institute. This has allowed him to take a neuromuscular approach to dentures, meaning he considers both jaw bone and bite factors when creating your custom-made dentures.

These state-of-the-art dentures far exceed traditional dentures in customization, fit, function, and appearance. New You Dentures prevent bone loss, maintain your chewing efficiency, and can last for years if not decades. Dr. Rudnick offers a variety of denture (both upper and low arches) types including permanent, snap-on/off, and glue-in. He will take the time to explain your options and the benefits that each denture brings to your smile.

So whether you need to replace your teeth or your old dentures, look no further than New You.

Smiling woman after an inlay as part of her Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are conservative and natural-looking tooth restorations for those suffering from mild or moderate tooth decay or who have teeth that are fractured or cracked, but the damage isn’t severe enough for a dental crown.

Inlays: Much like a filling, an inlay is used to treat teeth that have decay or damage within the tooth surface and is placed in two visits. During the first visit, an impression of your tooth is made and then sent to a lab. You will be given a temporary inlay to wear. At the second visit, Dr. Rudnick will permanently bond the inlay to your tooth for structural integrity and to prevent cavities from forming.

Onlays: If your tooth decay extends to one or more of the top projections of the tooth (cusps), onlays may be the best thing for you. These are placed in much the same way as inlays. When you come back for your onlay fitting, the permanent restoration is placed and bonded to the tooth using a strong dental resin.
The advantages of inlays and inlays are tooth stability; they don’t expand like fillings, and they provide a natural-looking restoration.

Smiling woman after an inlay as part of her Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens
Man smiling after getting bridges and Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens

Dental Bridges

Bridges by Palm Beach Gardens cosmetic dentistry expert, Dr. Rudnick, are a great alternative for tooth replacement for those who aren’t candidates for dental implants or who are looking for a more economical solution.

Bridges are several crowns attached together that fill in the space of missing teeth. They are typically suspended or bonded to the existing teeth outside of the missing tooth area. Bridges may be designed using a combination of metal and porcelain, or sometimes porcelain materials alone. Once placed, a dental bridge is unnoticeable to others and is completely natural in appearance.

Dr. Rudnick will use his advanced training to ensure you have the correct bridge for your individual circumstances. He will assess your needs and create a tooth replacement that is both attractive and functional.

A laser used in Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens

Laser Dentistry

At Rudnick Dentistry, the latest in dental innovations help us provide experiences in oral health and well-being that are precise and comfortable. Laser dentistry is one example. It makes dental treatment more exact and relaxing, with virtually pain-free experiences and reduced recovery times. The use of a soft-tissue laser has replaced many of the conventional dental tools and has become a useful innovation in many areas of dentistry.

Your comfort and healing time is maximized any time laser dentistry is used. During our laser treatments, soft tissue can begin healing itself while being treated. Often, so little discomfort is involved during any laser dental treatment that other relaxation techniques, such as sedation dentistry or nitrous, are unnecessary.

A couple trying to sleep but in need of Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens to prevent snoring

Sleep Apnea

As part of our commitment to general dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, we assist those who suffer from snoring and sleep problems. Snoring, headaches, and sleep problems could be the result of a bigger issue. Sleep apnea has been linked to these symptoms and could be a life-threatening problem if not treated. This disease can result in a lack of oxygen while you sleep, resulting in an increased risk of heart conditions.

Dr. Rudnick uses his advanced training and years of experience to assess you for sleep apnea and prescribe the right solution for your individual needs. You may need a sleep appliance or just some advice on how to care for yourself more. Whatever you need, we are here to help you and guide you back to health.

A couple trying to sleep but in need of Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens to prevent snoring
A man relaxing thanks to sedation and Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens

Sedation Dentistry

Millions of U.S. citizens suffer from dental anxiety and countless more are apprehensive about visiting the dentist. Sedation dentistry dispels worry and eliminates dental obstacles. At Rudnick Dentistry, we offer two types of sedation:

  • Oral sedation
  • Nitrous sedation

These options are all safe, non-invasive, and will fit your personal needs. Our team is experienced in using these modern tools and will be with you during each step of the process.

‘‘Dr. Rudnick is a very patient and understanding person. He is a very capable and gentle doctor. I would highly recommend him to new patients. His staff is kind and friendly.’’

Gloria C. (Actual Patient)

Have You Cracked or Broken a Tooth?

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Dr. Rudnick your expert in Restorative Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens

From time to time, our teeth let us down; they may crack on a popcorn kernel or perhaps break due to advancing years. What’s more, this seems to happen at the most inconvenient times imaginable. But you don’t need to panic or worry! Take a deep breath, recover any part of the tooth you can, and contact Dr. Andrew Rudnick.

As an authority in restorative dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and West Palm Beach, Dr. Rudnick uses his vast skill set to repair your tooth back to its natural function. He will assess your tooth as soon as possible and give you the comprehensive care you need using the latest technology.

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