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Saving Your Smile & Your Wallet With Preventative Dentistry

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Comprehensive/Preventative Dentistry is the very foundation of our dental practice at Andrew Rudnick Dentistry DDS. Dentistry is such a unique health care modality since it focuses on prevention of disease before it occurs. Preventive Dentistry shifts the attention to maintaining a healthy smile that treats small things before they become a bigger issue! Most health care options follow a methodology that treats disease after it has occurred. Our practice here at Andrew Rudnick Dentistry believes in saving your smile and your wallet by treating dental issues BEFORE they happen.

Nobody should neglect oral health care. When somebody chooses to have a poor oral health care routine, they risk spending thousands of dollars in restorative dental work down the road. As a practice that prefers to take a preventative approach, we can guard you against excessive dental costs down the road.

Preventive Dentistry involves the detection and prevention of many dental health issues so that patients can maintain beautiful healthy smiles and avoid costly dental treatment in the future. Regular dental visits can ensure that patients keep their mouths and teeth as clean and healthy as possible. Comprehensive oral exams by Dr. Rudnick and the team allow us to identify any areas of concern when they are minor issues, so that we help our patients reduce their risk for cavities and gum disease.

Did you know that the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests at least two dental checkups per year, every six months, to get a professional cleaning from dental experts who can handle any developing problems. When patients do this, it helps them to help their dentist stop the dental disease in its initial stages, shielding your smile and curbing your expense.

Eliminating Issues Right In Their Tracks

Were you aware that dental wear is one of the leading causes that require Full Mouth Rehabilitation? Don’t hesitate to visit a dentist if you begin to notice signs of dental wear. With Dr. Rudnick you can be cared for comprehensively with your entire health in mind, and you will receive great results!

Andrew Rudnick DDS has a better, longer lasting, total solution for you with Comprehensive Dentistry

Approaches to Preventive Dentistry

Now that we have been discussing the importance of preventative dentistry,  here are just a few strategies to preventative dentistry that you may have not considered:

Diet. Although this may not be the primary thing that people consider, it is imperative. A balanced diet is quintessential to dental health! Foods with extreme sugars and carbohydrates will only give life to the bacteria that produces plaque, while diets were lacking in calcium increase your chances of developing jaw deterioration and gum (periodontal) disease.


Mouth guards & Night guards. Preventive dental care through the use of sports guards for contact physical sports such and hockey and soccer help protect young athletes from dental injuries that can occur during play.  The use of night guards can protect teeth from the stresses of day or nighttime clenching and grinding. These activities put excess for on teeth and fillings, causing increased risk for cracking teeth and fillings and also puts excess stress on the TMJ joint which can lead to pain, difficulty opening and headaches.

Avoid smoking and drinking. Not only can this have serious long term effects on your overall health, but smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol consumption can negatively affect your oral health as well. Aside from tooth discoloration, dry mouth and plaque build up, smoking causes gum disease, tooth loss and even oral cancer.

Preventive oral care strategies for children and adults also include a number of in-office and home care activities, including:

  • At-home oral hygiene
  • Dental cleanings and screenings
  • Regular dental visits

Keep your family's smiles healthy and bright by taking care of their oral needs before problems arise

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The Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Let’s face it. Having a beautiful smile is second to none. However, no smile is worth showing off if you can’t keep it because it isn’t healthy! A regular at-home dental routine, combined with the preventative dental approaches of Dr. Andrew Rudnick is absolutely paramount for the long term success of your smile. The entire team here loves to watch our patients’ health maintain and even improve over time, as well as the joy they have in sharing their beautiful smiles with the world. 

No matter what age you are, a preventative approach to dentistry will help your smile remain long lasting and ultimately save your unneeded expense.

Don’t hesitate to give Dr. Rudnick a call to schedule an appointment.