Have You Cracked or Broken A Tooth?

Dr. Rudnick is your trustworthy emergency dentist in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and the surrounding areas.

Stay Calm, Accidents Happen

Unfortunately, teeth can be vulnerable, but with Dr. Rudnick you can recover your smile.

Why Do Teeth Break?

There may be a number of causes for your tooth cracking or breaking. Perhaps you bite down on some food and then “crack!” – you feel your tooth weaken. Maybe you’re playing a sport and someone elbows you in the mouth. The most common reason is due to tooth decay or perhaps a filling weakening a tooth. Whatever the reason, it is not a pleasant experience.

Types of Breaks

Sometimes you don’t even know the extent of the damage, whereas other times the pain is extreme. Common breaks include:

  • Craze lines
  • Fractured cusp
  • Cracked tooth
  • Split tooth
  • Vertical root fracture

What Should You Do Next?

The most important step is not to panic but rather to seek help as soon as possible. Acting fast will help your emergency dentist in West Palm Beach prevent your tooth from sustaining further damage and have the best chance to save it. Using his advanced training, Dr. Rudnick will help lessen your pain and apply the ideal treatment without any judgment (so don’t worry if you haven’t visited us for a while).

We're Here to Help

Don’t ignore your broken/cracked tooth or toothache. Act now to save your smile!

Call your Emergency Dentist West Palm Beach for help

Our main priority when you have damaged a tooth is your comfort and saving your tooth. Once you have a toothache, the earlier you contact our office the simpler the procedure will be. If you delay, then it can lead to infection and other complications, so please contact us as soon as the damage has occurred.

Once you arrive at our office, Dr. Rudnick discusses what caused the trauma and will then use the latest technology to assess how we can help you. During this process, you will be able to see the extent of the damage on the computer screens while your dentist explains the best options for you.

Depending on whether the tooth is cracked or broken, our expert dentist will suggest the following solutions to resolve it for you:

Whatever treatment you need, be assured that we use the latest technology and techniques to get your smile back to full health at our dental office in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

‘‘Had a small emergency (chipped tooth), and they fixed it in minutes. I love my new smile. Dr. Rudnick also took time to answer my questions, and I look forward to coming back for more routine work in the future. The staff was outstanding, and I recommend the office highly.’’

Ruth C. (Actual Patient)

‘‘Dr. Rudnick came highly recommended. I had a dental emergency and his staff fit me right in. Everyone at the office went out of there way to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Rudnick made me feel calm and kept me in the loop as to what he was doing. I am looking forward to finishing the things I have been putting off just because I dislike going to the dentist.’’

Nancy G. (Actual Patient)

‘‘Where do I begin! Dr. Rudnick is very personable and knowledgeable, explains the whole procedure very well. The staff is AWESOME!! Very friendly! Needed an appointment at a moment's notice, and they were able to fit me right in! Would definitely refer them to everybody I know or anybody that needs a dentist!’’

Jim A. (Actual Patient)

‘‘I recently changed dentists and am very glad I did. Dr. Rudnick's office is very efficient and professional. I had a cracked tooth and they got me in within a day. I am also working with Dr. Rudnick to resolve some issues that my previous dentist did not resolve and feel very confident that I am in the right hands! I also like that he is so knowledgeable in many areas.’’

Yvonne H. (Actual Patient)

Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

If your concern is urgent then please call us.

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